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Hana no Ko Lunlun

Candy Candy | 14-02-2010


Candy Candy 95

Mesaj de Simona adaugat pe 15-02-2010 | 13:24
Multumim si felicitari pentru munca depusa!
Mesaj de Ykarus adaugat pe 18-02-2010 | 23:41
Amazing job!!! Thanks for the great work. The quality of the image improves to a DVD quality at episode 55... are you planning to re-do the first 55 episodes to have the same quality for the whole collection? I really hope so, keep the good work!!!

Remi from Canada
Mesaj de intellect adaugat pe 19-02-2010 | 01:29
Well, the video files are not ours, so we used what was available at that time.

We have not yet decided if we will go back on the first 54 episodes. It could mean a lot of work, if the English subtitles made by DAF don't match with the Safex video files.

For now, the goal is to reach episode 115.
Mesaj de Raluca adaugat pe 19-02-2010 | 01:51
V-ati lasta asteptati . Apreciez munca voastra. Astept cat mai curand si alte episoade
Mesaj de Ykarus adaugat pe 19-02-2010 | 04:04
Hello again!

Just a silly question... i am quite good with movies and video editing, would you need any help with the project or is your team already complete?
Mesaj de intellect adaugat pe 19-02-2010 | 08:59
So far, we didn't use much video editing, since our releases are softsubbed and we use the raw files as we find them. But no one from us is a native English speaker, and if you have the patience to proofread English subtitles, or fine-tune subtitle timings, your help would be much appreciated.
Mesaj de intellect adaugat pe 19-02-2010 | 09:01
@ Raluca: facem si noi ce putem...
Mesaj de Ykarus adaugat pe 19-02-2010 | 13:46
Would be glad to help, send stuff over at my email address

I am French Canadian, but I speak English very well and my friend is 100% English.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mesaj de intellect adaugat pe 19-02-2010 | 18:26
E-mail sent.

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