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Hana no Ko Lunlun

Candy Candy | 20-06-2010


Candy Candy 109

We aplolgize for the prolonged delay  We had some real life problems (OK,  40% laziness, too). Also, the work has doubled now, because the English subtitlesneed a lot of fixing.



Candy Candy 014 v2

In the first release, we omitted to keep the original English subtitles. This one does have them. Candy4ever, thank you for pointing out the mistake to us!

Mesaj de mary81a adaugat pe 20-06-2010 | 13:56
Mesaj de mimi adaugat pe 21-06-2010 | 03:24
Mesaj de Simona adaugat pe 21-06-2010 | 14:36
Mesaj de teo adaugat pe 21-06-2010 | 16:14
Mesaj de Veronyka adaugat pe 22-06-2010 | 05:14
Va multumesc din suflet, asteptam nerabdatoare inca un episod.Sunteti cei mai tari!ma intreb:- Oare ce v-a urma dupa aceasta serie de desene minunate ale copilariei!
Mesaj de NekoHennuli adaugat pe 26-06-2010 | 16:07
Thank you guys!
And don't worry, everyone has thigs in their lives, so we don't blame you for having some. ^^

And thank you for the episode 14's fix!
Mesaj de lucia adaugat pe 27-06-2010 | 01:03
Multumim ... asteptam cu nerabdare finalul.... inca odata multumim

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