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Lydie | 07-03-2014

Happy March 8th!

Lydie 35

Lydie 08v2


Mesaj de costa adaugat pe 08-03-2014 | 13:55
super ! sper sa mai vina si asteptat aproape 1 an !
Mesaj de yovov adaugat pe 10-03-2014 | 18:48
In sfarsit v-ati gandit la noi , multumesc din suflet .
Mesaj de arcctg90 adaugat pe 19-03-2014 | 19:03
Un cadou de 8 martie perfect. Multumesc din inima :
Mesaj de andro0s adaugat pe 10-05-2014 | 19:15
multumim pentru munca depusa
Mesaj de wumla1GgVE adaugat pe 05-10-2014 | 09:50
Once when we were on a trip to Disneyland, we (as in my parents) had my liltte brother pee in an empty gatorade bottle. It was the only choice available at the time, apparently. We still talk about the gatorade bottle filled with pee rolling around the van as we drove. Good times. Good, good times. ;-)Don't worry Noah--it will be a memory your family never forgets. ;-)Wendy from Flippin' Sweet [url=]bvxmrjodoe[/url] [link=]czbwnagsrk[/link]

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